Haulin' Cart Assembly Instructions

  1. Push Axle through base of Caddy, if necessary tap with block and rubber mallet, center, place spacer on end of Axle, place wheel on Axle, insert circle pins, repeat on other side.

  2. Place U-Stabilizer bar in brackets from bottom at front of cart, insert lock in u-pins in top holes.

  3. Attach U-Handler bar to front top of cart using small cotter pins with nylon spacers between cart and U-Handler. Adjust to necessary height, moving location of front pin
  4. Attach Extension Bar to U-Handle with 2 large cotter pins. Attach Handle with on large cotter pin. Can also attach to Post Mount for bikes, ATVs, golf carts, etc.

Beach Caddy Accessory Instruction:

  1. Install Rod Holders to back of Cart with shield against Cart with Rod Holder Chain Hooks out, using bolt with washer, lock washer and wing nut.

  2. Install Insert Rack with 4 wing nuts and attach securely to the top of Hauling Caddy.

  3. Attach Kayak Racks in center of Insert Rack at each end with small screws, lock washers and wing nuts. Attach Bungee Strap into holes at top.

  4. Attach Surf Racks into side of insert with screws in, lock washers and wing nuts. Attach Bungee Strap into holes at top.

  5. Post Attachment is secured using four hex bolts; it is attached where the handle is to Extension Bar with large cotter pin that came with Handle.

 Beach Caddy Cart Assembly Parts